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FollowFever is a set of free Twitter tools to manage your account. This application does not perform any automatic actions for you. You remain in control of your actions. It is important to know Twitter Rules. See the Twitter Rules.


Track your followers and unfollowers. Find your fans and your no follow-backs. Thank or punish them.

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Use the tools to find your inactive following or the people that you have blocked.


Follow the evolution of your followers and unfollowers and of your Retweets through graphics.

Why this app?

FollowFever - unfollow app

There are already many applications that allow you to track unfollowers. However, most of these applications are subject to a fee or require advertising (Tweets sent automatically). The application seeks to stand out from the others by a respect of your data by not sending Tweets automatically. A possibility is left to tweet your statistics, but a confirmation will be requested by showing exactly the message that will be tweeted. There is no Premium account, everybody is in the same boat.

Also the application offers a variety of tools to manage your Twitter account and follow its evolution. Among these tools include the detection of inactive following, the management of blocked users, thanks or the punishment of followers/unfollowers, statistics on followers, unfollowers, following, unfollowing and Retweets, etc.

Important information! FollowFever is a Twitter app entirely free of charge, which respects the confidentiality of your data. No message will be sent without your consent (no automatic Tweets of your stats or ads for the website).

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